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We Offer specific services

Hire a Killer

We Offer assassins for hire.

they get the job done and it can never be traced to you


Our clients have the opportunity to choose if they want to torture and eliminate a target or just torture.

Choose the method

Our agents provide a range of methods that can be used to perform the task for you to choose from.

Buy Ammunitions

We provide state-of-the-Art, military grade and high caliber guns

Chemical Weapons

Choose from our Stock of poisons

About Our Company

We are associated with the gang groups of the Mexican Mafia and Black Guerilla families. Our team is of professional contract killers.

Besides this, we are the leading Russian assassins who have been hired as contract killers for the last 25 years on Dark Web and we ensure that our clients get security. Even a single person cannot put a question mark on our team due to our experience and perfection.

Along with this, we have a lot of Hackers and Programmers in Russia who are experts in hacking information via mobile phones, cameras, and cars. Our programmers designed a variety of cars with powerful electronic devices and software to have a conversion between our programmers and assassins. If you need any reference to hire the top 10 shooters, accidental men, or assassin groups of the Mafia for Malta and the Dark Web, you can contact us.

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we take out your trash and clean up your laundary.